Interoperability—a hot topic that poses important questions: Can the business-critical technologies we rely on work together? And are tech leaders listening to the needs of their customers? During her round table interview at AECX, Bluebeam VP Sasha Reed met the

AECX 2016 served as the perfect backdrop for connecting with industry professionals and thought leaders to build community dialogue. With 20 exhibits on the floor, over 300 industry leaders representing more than 50 companies, and 37 sponsors, AECX 2016 offered

After running into Philip Lorenzo—founder of laser scanning software company Rithm—at AECX in Los Angeles, StrXur hit up Philip to talk tech, Millennials in AEC, and advice for building-savvy entrepreneurs. There’s a lot of talk about how it’s so hard

The brainchild of organizers Cody Nowak and Kameron Burk, AECX is a grassroots endeavor aimed at profiling and sharing the technology and innovation currently redefining the landscape of the AEC industry. This first-of-its-kind event in the Los Angeles area helps

Representing a new wave of innovation and product development, “hackathons” are rapidly becoming a staple of modern innovation.