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How Did a Drywall Subcontractor Achieve One of the Most Exciting Breakthroughs In Augmented Reality? A better question might even be, “Why did a dry wall subcontractor achieve one of the most exciting breakthroughs in augmented reality?” The fact is,

“It is inherent in our company’s culture that the nature of our work is collaborative and we’re always looking for a better way to build,” explains Dave Rahe, LEED AP BD+C and Project Executive based out of The Weitz Company’s

Construction is an industry that always sizes up the obstacles, adapts to the challenges, and finds a way to forge ahead in the name of progress, collaboration, and the spirit of building a better world. One of the latest and

The app’s communication is one-way, temporary, and built for teens. So why is it catching on with GCs?

The VWD approach is intriguing: By inserting gel-filled walls to absorb the vibrations of seismic events and heavy winds, teams could design and build without traditional diagonal bracing.

The Surface Pro seems to be gaining momentum as an AEC primary device. Hensel Phelps’ Director of Technology weighs in on why.

“A lot of people are concerned virtual reality could be more of a disruption than an innovation. It does impact the workflow, but from the construction perspective, it’s an improvement on the process.”

Drones get a bad rep. But they're boosting safety and speeding inspections for one construction firm.

An Operations Technology Manager discusses exciting new technologies advancing visualization in the field.

Can Google Glass revolutionize construction by overlaying model data on real objects and capturing actual field conditions?