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Rather than fighting to control the proliferation of apps, perhaps we should be training our eyes to look for signs

  “The AEC industry is broken,” says Barton Malow Project Director Jason McFadden. Intrigued, StrXur’s Sasha Reed went to investigate

AECX 2016 served as the perfect backdrop for connecting with industry professionals and thought leaders to build community dialogue. With

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For those working in the AEC industry today, two common themes consistently arise, regardless of one’s discipline: the generational divide and the growing gap in technology literacy. Firms grappling with creative ways to address these issues often discuss knowledge transfer and talent retention, in parallel. According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC report, Millennials currently make up 25% of the US workforce, growing to 50% by the year 2020. That is only 4 years away – or one project cycle for some firms. So how are the leading firms in our industry addressing these very real challenges? Black & Veatch, a

A project engineer turned technology consultant shares unique insights into technology implementation.

WeWork Chief Technology Officer, formerly with CASE, discusses the state of BIM data with Bluebeam’s Sasha Reed.

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In part two of our discussion with ZGF Principal and Project Manager Kimberly Kilgour, we learn about some of the unique features and challenges of creating the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s permanent home at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, CA. After 25 missions, the Space Shuttle Endeavour was formally decommissioned in 2011. Shortly after, NASA announced that the California Science Center would become Endeavour’s new permanent home, where it has been on display for the public to enjoy since 2012. Having previously completed both the master plan and design of the original California Science Center building (Phase 1) and the

Kimberly Kilgour, AIA, LEED AP, Principal and Project Manager at ZGF Architects recently talked to us about some favorite projects, how she and her team created a net zero energy lab building, and what advice she’d give to young architects.

Is it possible for technology to rob our next generation of architects of the valuable fundamentals they need to succeed?