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  “The AEC industry is broken,” says Barton Malow Project Director Jason McFadden. Intrigued, StrXur’s Sasha Reed went to investigate how McFadden is uniting diverse generations of expertise on a massive jobsite to affect cultural industry change. The following transcript

For those working in the AEC industry today, two common themes consistently arise, regardless of one’s discipline: the generational divide and the growing gap in technology literacy. Firms grappling with creative ways to address these issues often discuss knowledge transfer

It may not be in every AEC industry news headline, but it’s a reality every overworked project team member knows well: the talent shortage in AEC is affecting many professionals on multiple levels. As technology becomes an ever-increasing reality in

Rather than fighting to control the proliferation of apps, perhaps we should be training our eyes to look for signs of long-term viability among all the fins in the water. In part one of this series, I shared some insights gained

Typically at the beginning of the year, I like to do my own assessment of what to predict from the tech space. Before I read the headlines from CES or any of the tech bloggers, I try and look into

WeWork Chief Technology Officer, formerly with CASE, discusses the state of BIM data with Bluebeam's Sasha Reed.

Are DOTs going digital faster than they ever have before?

“Any effort to innovate should have one of two goals in mind: It should either help you win business or improve morale.”

Sasha Reed sits down with AEC industry professionals at BIMForum to discuss methods of sharing models.

Drones get a bad rep. But they're boosting safety and speeding inspections for one construction firm.